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Custom app development has been the Achilles Heel of low-code platforms. It's neither cookie cutter nor simple. But the infusion of AI is a new opportunity to conquer the problem of variety in long-lived custom-made apps. The AutoCode initiative gives professional developers one more reason to adopt WaveMaker in the enterprise.

Mid-2023, McKinsey declared, "Generative AI is poised to unleash the next wave of productivity." They estimate that Generative AI could add $4 trillion, increasing the impact of AI by up to 40%. One of the top areas in which AI can deliver value is pegged to be software engineering. On the other hand, Gartner puts it right at the top of the peak of inflated expectations, predicting a trough of disillusionment is soon to follow.

We have yet to learn about the grand market value that AI can deliver, but the use cases are undeniable. At WaveMaker, our business is to reduce the grunt work involved in writing software applications. AI opens up possibilities for doing this more pervasively and effectively.

WaveMaker's Mission Statement for AI in Low-Code

Enable multi-disciplinary teams to lower complexity and improve efficiency of converting business intent to working code and build in the shortest time.